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You're Guaranteed to See Humpback Whales!

Each year, Humback whales migrate down to our warm Maui waters in order to mate and give birth. During our winter months, these huge whales breach out of the water as well as many other fascinating behaviors.

We are so certain that you'll see whales while on one of our tours, that we'll let you go again for FREE if you don't! You'll have great photo opportunities on our stable catamaran & expert narration by our fun Captains & crew! Come join us on one of the best Maui activities available!

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Departs daily. (Dec 19th thru April 15th). Afternoon Departure. Check-in 1:00pm, Departure 1:30pm, Return 3:30pm

Adults - 2 for 1 special $39.95!

Extra Adult $19.98
Children - 1 free child, 12 & under, per paying couple
Extra Children - $15.95

Sodas, Juice & Cocktails are available for purchase.

All applicable taxes and fees will be applied.

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Frogman II & Quicksilver Maui Review

"Whale watching is one of our favorite things to do in the islands. After having done dozens of trips, my favorite whale watches have been on the Quicksilver and Frogman II this last month. The frogman is the best deal by far. I got our tickets for really cheap and actually have heard of it being offered as a free trip if you do some other activities through Boss Frog's Dive and Surf Shop.

On the Frogman II we came upon a competition pod of 3 males and 1 female. The males were competing for the opportunity to be the females mate. In short, it was amazing! The males were bursting out of the water together and body-slamming eachother. They would go up together and try to force the other underneath them. Our captain had to shut down the engine because the whales came right up to our boat. They floated around the boat and we could hear their breathing.

Throughout this excitement, we enjoyed mai tai's and waited for the sunset. Over course, it was a typically perfect Maui sunset.

The next one we went on, I brought the kids with us. I knew they would get a real kick out of it. We tried the Quicksilver which is a bigger boat. The reservationist was right in suggesting this one for the kids. It's large, roomy and has high rails for safety. They gave us an incredible dinner as we watched a baby whale and it's mother just in front of us. Closer to the end of our cruise, around sunset, the baby breached 17 times in a row!!!! The mother never left the water, but the baby was extremely active. Even the captain and crew were excited.

My family and I have been on whale watches in California, where we live, and never have we seen the amount of whales that we do here. It makes sense to go to the spot they're migrating to, and not watching them as they pass in California.

Thank you Frogman for letting me share our experiences on your site. We'll be back next year and maybe we can add another review then!"

Nathan and Jen Scoggin

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